I respect how Mr. Lamar addresses this issue. I agree that Obama has made progress. I also agree that the all or nothing cry from both sides of the political isle is both confused and destructive. We need to start operating in reality, where there is no chance that Obama is either a god or a devil.

I, however, am disappointed with President Obama.

I don’t see the value in pretending that all his compromise, even giving him all the credit in the world for attempting to mend a fractured government in an ever increasing divisive climate, he needs to abandon this strategy.

And I can’t pretend that he’s not signing things like Bill hr 347 -or- Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds ***Improvement*** Act of 2011 (Another step in taking down our First Amendment.). What makes choices like this MOST unforgivable is that he’s been a CONSTITUTIONAL LAW PROFESSOR at Harvard and the University of Chicago.

Lastly, Mr. Lamar asks who else we’d vote for. Listen to me - YOU DO NOT HAVE TO VOTE. I get the desire to vote, especially as the fever grows around the election season. I understand that you have an opinion and you’ve been told that only uninformed punks or radical people on the fringe can’t find someone to get behind. But that’s not true. I for one am very informed and can’t find one person to get excited about. Then, my favorite Congressman
Dennis Kucinich got pushed out of his seat. BLAH.

I will not be voting.