According to the latest U.S. Census 23% of the American population under the age of 18 is WHITE. Already, four U.S. states have a pupulation that’s majority is NON-WHITE, and 10% of all counties in Americ follow suit. World-wide, White women of child-bearing age comprise only 3% of the earth’s population. Do these FACTS disturb you, if they do you agree with The American Nazi Party.

When I was younger I did the stereotypical ‘I don’t see color’ rap and thought racism would go away if we all became the same color. These days I’m starting to understand that not seeing color can be as harmful as passive racism. I’m coming around to the idea we need to acknowledge ourselves and our differences. That its not shameful or embarrassing for people to have different experiences. Then, hopefully, we can give the everyone what they deserve and need in a respectful way. And hold those accountable for being assholes.