Az. Sheriff Paul Babeu is an immigration hawk and until recently was a rising star in the Republican Party. He was the Az co-chair of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign and had launched a run for Congress this year.

In February, a Phoenix newspaper outed him and revealed that a former boyfriend, Jose Orozco, an illegal immigrant from Mexico said the sheriff planned to have him deported if their relationship ever became public. Babeu held a news conference accusing Orozco of hacking into his campaign website after the relationship ended.

A special prosecutor assigned to the case, Arizona Solicitor General Dave Cole, cleared Babeu of wrongdoing.

Babeu immediately quit Romney’s campaign when the allegations surfaced in February. Then he quit his race for Congress and decided to run for reelection as the Pinal County, Az., sheriff, which he won.

Questions remain over an Arizona Republic report about 6,200 files that are missing from the sheriff’s office after the solicitor general requested they be preserved for the investigation.