Why the abortion debate is rediculous.

  • You seem mad.
  • me: Yeah, that's because I am.
  • But why?
  • me: Because when a man of power can post the link to a clothes hangers website after an abortion-restricting bill was passed, it's called a joke. But when a woman mentions that over 80 000 women die per year from unsafe abortions such as those performed with wire hangers, she's called a feminazi or is told that she needs to shut up and take the joke.
  • me: Because there are young, pregnant girls who don't have the mental nor emotional capacity to understand their pregnancy. And those who want to keep the baby because they think it's 'like a doll', are paraded as courageous and mature while those who want access to a safe and legal abortion are told that they are murderous and childish.
  • me: Because there are governments who honestly think that the foetus who is missing the majority of its brain and cannot survive outside of the womb holds a higher right to life than its mother who is dying from pregnancy complications.
  • me: Because a woman had to die in Ireland from a septic pregnancy when her foetus died because aborting the already dead foetus was against the law.
  • me: Because it's two thousand fucking thirteen, and women are still being treated like birthing machines rather than human beings.
"There have been 694 proposed abortion restriction provisions in the first three months of 2013 alone."


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On episode 192 of the Matthew Filipowicz Show Tracy Weitz from Advancing New Standards In Reproductive Health discussed their new study finding that abortions are just as safe when performed by nurse practitioners, physician assistants and certified mid-wives as when performed by physicians. ANSIRH’s Health Workforce Policy Project is training these providers in abortion care and provision at clinics across California.

By 2005, the number of abortion care facilities in the United States had decreased 38% from its peak in 1982 and, since then, the proportion of US counties with no facility is 87%; more than one third of women aged 15 to 44 years live in these counties. Abortions at later gestations are associated with a higher risk of complications and higher costs. 

The outcomes of abortions completed by 5,812 physicians and those competed by 5,675 newly trained NPs, CNMs, and PAs were evaluated. Abortion complications were clinically equivalent between the two groups,

If we let research and U.S. constitution lead we would adopt policies to allow trained health care professionals, other than physicians, provide early aspirations to expand access to abortion care, because although the discussion around abortion is complicated the procedure is not. 

ANSIRH results have been published in the American Journal of Public Health

Roe v. Wade guaranteed abortion as a legal right across the country. A separate decision two decades later, Planned Parenthood v. Casey, guaranteed states’ rights to limit access to abortion, so long as it did not pose an “undue burden” on the woman.

Only Oregon has not layered additional restrictions on top of the Roe decision. At the other end of the spectrum is Oklahoma: With 22 abortion restrictions. You can go here for an interactive version of the graphic.

—> The GOP refuse to acknowledge this issue as a ‘war on women' but please remember the aggressive language they used during the last election around a woman in the workplace, 'forceable rape', pro life/choice, passing legislation that says a woman is pregnant 2 weeks before its possible… And, if your congressman voted against the Violence Against Women Act, what does that man support? etc. etc. etc.


The pro-choice and pro-life labels don’t reflect the complexity of the conversation about abortion. Don’t let the labels box you in.

Things just got a whole lot worse for Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-Tenn.). According to a new report from the Chattanooga Times Free Press the congressman, who is also a doctor, admitted to sexual relationships with multiple patients and co-workers during sworn testimony at his divorce trial and urged his now-ex-wife to get two abortions, despite campaigning for Congress as an antiabortion rights, family values candidate.

Court transcript reveals new details about DesJarlais’ interactions with a 24-year-old-patient, who claimed she became pregnant with DesJarlais’ child during a short fling in 2000 and that the doctor later pressed her to have an abortion.

DesJarlais, who is now 48 years old, admitted in court to pressuring the woman over the phone to get an abortion, but said the whole conversation was a scheme orchestrated by him and his wife to get the 24-year-old to admit she was not really pregnant.

“She goes, ‘I will have an abortion. This will never be a problem of yours,’” DesJarlais said. “And I think that she was trying to get me to pay her money and I refused to because there was no proof of the pregnancy.”

DesJarlais’ attorney, Stephen Greer, unsuccessfully pressed the 24-year-old patient to admit that she had never been pregnant.

“Mr. [Thomas] Austin asked you about your pregnancy or whatever. You apparently weren’t pregnant, were you?” he asked.

“Yes,” the woman retorted. “I was.”

Ultimately, the woman refused to offer more details when attorneys asked her about the outcome of her pregnancy.

“I really don’t care to answer that,” she said. “I mean, I don’t have a child by Dr. DesJarlais and that’s a personal thing.”

DesJarlais stated in testimony that he carried on a four-month sexual affair with another patient, a woman he prescribed pills for during their relationship. He stressed that there was “nothing wrong” with the prescriptions he wrote, which included the painkiller Darvocet, and was indignant when asked about claims he had handled medication improperly.

“I don’t feel real obligated to respond to that. I think it’s ludicrous,” he said. “I’ve never been challenged or questioned in terms of my integrity before.”

“Does that hospital not care that you are fooling around with patients out there?” DesJarlais’ wife’s attorney Thomas Austin grilled.

“They have not complained to me,” said DesJarlais.

According to the American Medical Association, “Sexual contact that occurs concurrent with the patient-physician relationship constitutes sexual misconduct.”

DesJarlais won reelection with just slightly less of the vote than he took in his first campaign in 2010. He defeated state Sen. Eric Stewart (D) 56 percent to 44 percent.




Mitt Romney in 1994:

I believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country. I have since the time that my mom took that position when she ran in 1970 as a US Senate candidate. I believe that since Roe v. Wade has been the law for 20 years we should sustain and support it. And I sustain and support that law and the right of a woman to make that choice

Welp…. this is awkward

What happened? I’m legitimately confused.

Wait, what? Where did this guy go? How.. Why… Whaaaaat?

This probably helped him sleep while he profited from his profits from medical waste.

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EVERY SPERM HAS A RIGHT (OKLAHOMA): To poke fun a “personhood” bill that give full rights to a zygote…

CHILDREN DENIED BIRTH BECAUSE OF VASECTOMIES (GEORGIA): The legislation would limit vasectomies in response to a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks on the grounds that a fetus can feel pain — a claim disputed by doctors…

MORE HOOPS TO CLEAR FOR VIAGRA (OHIO): In response to Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill, this bill would make men jump through hoops, like a psychological screening, before they could obtain Viagra and similar drugs for erectile dysfunction…

RECTAL EXAMS FOR A VIAGRA PRESCRIPTIONS (VIRGINIA): To protest requiring women to receive an ultrasound before an abortion an amendment to the bill would have required men to receive a rectal exam and pass a cardiac stress test before doctors wrote them a prescription for erectile dysfunction medication

KNOW THE SIDE EFFECTS OF VIAGRA (ILLINOIS): To push back against GOP attacks on women’s health by offering an amendment that would require men to watch a “horrific video” about the side effects of Viagra before the received a prescription for the drug. The bill is in response to a measure requiring women to undergo an ultrasound before an abortion…

PROTECT ALL SPERM (DELAWARE): Mocking the “personhood” Wilmington, Delaware approved a satirical resolution “that asks state legislatures and U.S. Congress to enact laws that forbid men from destroying their semen.” …


Rachel Maddow shares a clip from an Al Jazeera documentary, called The abortion war, featuring an Ohio State Legislator JIM BUCHY who is advocating extreme anti-abortion legislation.

Watch the whole video here!

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  • Shauna Prewitt had a baby conceived in a rape. She says many women who are raped become pregnant and give birth. After her child was born she found the majority of states give parental rights to men who father through rape. Now she is a lawyer who encourages states to make this illegal.

Esperanza, a teenage girl with acute leukemia living in the Dominican Republic, died because her country banned abortion even in cases where the mother’s life is in danger back in 2010.

The Republican House Members Denny Rehberg (R-MT) released a labor, health, and education spending bill.

Under this legislation [PDF], any issuer or sponsor of a group health insurance plan can refuse to cover any health care service they want by citing “moral reasons.” The wording of the legislation does not exclude any procedure, life-saving measure or medication, although it does seem to confine the restrictions to women’s health issues.

This bill would remove all funding from Planned Parenthood (who also funds men’s health issues) and Title X for all services until and unless it can certify that it no longer offers abortions, despite the fact that federal funding is restricted in funding abortions under the Hyde Amendment Read more facts here.


I VOTE for Women (by IVOTEnation)

Incredibly powerful. Potentially triggering to survivors. Required viewing for halfway decent people.

Rage against the war on women using any and every means available. At the very least, please vote against misogynists.

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