This is what happened when Julie Goodridge, half of the lesbian couple that brought a landmark state appellate court case dealing with same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, went to talk to Mitt Romney while still Governor.

On the way out of the meeting Mitt told her to keep telling her ‘adopted’ child whatever she had been. The reason that’s such a big deal is the whole case revolved around Julie’s partner not being able to visit her in the hospital after a very difficult birth.

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Four months before Mitt Romney signed his health care plan into law in Massachusetts in 2006, he told a conservative group that the state’s tax code would be the hammer that would make the plan work.

For those who refused to comply with the state’s mandate to buy health insurance, he said in remarks to the Heritage Foundation, “they are going to lose their personal tax exemption.” he said “We will withhold any of their tax refund,” .

As the Massachusetts governor and then as a presidential candidate, Mr. Romney spent the next six years describing in a variety of different ways the possible punishments for ignoring the Massachusetts mandate. But regardless of the terms he used, his intentions were clear: Massachusetts residents who chose not to buy health insurance would see their state income taxes go up.

Now, as he battles President Obama for the White House, Mr. Romney is asking voters to condemn his rival for a health insurance mandate that is nearly identical to the one he championed in Massachusetts… in effect he also asked voters to ignore his own record.


The New York Times, “In Defending His Health Care Plan, Romney Called His Mandate A Tax.”

Hey, Republicans?  Just so you know, Mitt Romney thinks you are a bunch of stupid, amnesiac louts.

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I think it speaks to how out of touch Mitt Romney is in that the only penalty was withholding the tax refund. My refund has never been more than $200, which is probably cheaper than actually buying healthcare. And what if they actually owed taxes?

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(via zombiesarejerks)

According to a study in Health Affairs, there have been many improvements in access and care quality under the 2006 Massachusetts law then Governor Mitt Romney created a universal health care system that would become the template for the health care reform bill signed into law by President Obama in 2010. Their experience can provide an indication of how President Obama’s health care reform will work.

Like the federal Affordable Care Act, Massachusetts takes a hybrid approach to increasing coverage, encouraging people to get health insurance in the private market and subsidizing the cost for those who can’t afford it. More businesses in Massachusetts offer their employees private health care today than did before the law was signed by Governor Romney in April 2006, and the 77 percent of the state’s businesses who offer their employees private insurance is well above the national average.

The 2006 law didn’t do anything about controlling costs, which were already among the nation’s highest. So now the conversation has turned to cost control, and some very interesting things are beginning to happen. Listen to some of the story.