Why I follow and unfollow people.

I don’t buy into the popular idea that both sides of an argument need to be heard. Sometimes people are wrong and I wont waste either of our time talking about it. I try not to post about something that is being covered indepth or that there is no real teachable moments around.

I post rants, pictures, articles, gifs, etc. Usually they are related to politics, atheism, veganism, feminism, or progressive social issues. My post never carry a  trigger warning but you should consider yourself warned. Often a post will be designed to get you frustrated. (I have another blog that is less serious, untagged, and only pictures Who What Where Why How.)

I don’t want to censor myself so things can become random. Just sit back and enjoy.

This is for the convenience of anyone who may be interested in knowing why I no longer follow or never followed your blog.

I unfollow:

  • Animal exploitation speciesism and/or objectification.
  • Pro-lifers. My uterus, my choice.
  • You blog shit in the wrong format… put some time in.
  • Excessive gore in a non educational format.
  • Self mutilation/self harm.
  • Narcissism. Which is a nice way of saying ‘I started following you the one week you stopped posting naked pictures of yourself and thats all I’ve seen since.’ 
  • Also, if you never answer questions I ask but are constantly answering requests for more personal pictures. bllllahhhh 
  • You reblog what another person I follow does… exclusively.
  • You beg for questions or promo.
  • Your blog has skewed from my original interests.
  • I usually don’t follow vegetarians, if you need more on this read my vegan page.
  • Your confrontational method is distasteful, apologetic, poorly thought out and your understanding of the topic is poorly assimilated.